How It Works


Step One

RAISE first considers the brand and the core values it represents. Who is the target market? What persona does the brand want to project? What purpose would be best united with that brand to lift that brand to the highest level of influence possible? What communities does the brand influence both positively and negatively? How can associating the brand with a cause make a way for an impact for a measurable solution to a community’s problem? How do we create a win, win?

Step Two

RAISE works with companies to create a cause marketing and business model for implementing the defined purpose. By matching up the brand with strategic partners in the non-profit world with a matching purpose, a desired outcome or solution is defined. Through RaiseLink, consumers who share in the same purpose join in to form a community.

Step Three

RAISE manages the project and serves as the link between the members of this group to ensure a positive outcome resulting in a solution based on accountability and sustainability.