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CitiHope International seeks to give all people an equal opportunity to have a healthy life. CitiHope promotes health, provides cures, and prevents disease in impoverished countries worldwide. Since 1990, CitiHope has procured, shipped and distributed over $800 million in medicine, medical supplies, nutritional and developmental resources worldwide. Each nation is targeted based on their unique health needs and helped accordingly.

The main goal of CitiHope International is to provide medical institutions in needy countries with the correct medicines, supplies, and practices to better serve the sick people of their country. CitiHope reaches this goal through numerous partnerships with for-profit businesses. Most of the medicines they send are not bought out of their budget, but donated directly from pharmaceutical or other health-related companies. CitiHope not only partners with health companies, but also other notable companies for support and funding. Through these sustainable partners, Citihope currently delivers urgent medicines to the following countries: Belarus, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, and Morocco. Some of their notable partners include: Coca-Cola, Johnson and Johnson, Target, and the Bayer Corporation.

CitiHope’s Core Principles include:

  • Medicines and medical supplies must benefit recipients to the maximum extent possible
  • Donations should be made with full respect of needs and authority of end-user recipients
  • Effective communication between Citihope and beneficiary in-country insitutions
  • All donations are distributed freely without regard to race, religion, or ethnicity.