Carol McKown, CEO

Carol McKown, CEO

RAISE Global Partners is the non-profit sector of the for-profit corporation RAISE Global Services.

Who We Are and How We Add Value

RAISE Global Services is an Atlanta-based company founded in 2010. We specialize in partnering with for-profits, non-profits, and foundations, as well establishing synergistic relationships between all parties. We know that more global problems will be solved if all sectors of business would partner and communicate with one another. We work to integrate social innovation into the DNA of corporations we partner with so that they can make a greater social impact. By doing so, we help for-profit businesses increase their bottom line. We add purpose to business leaders’ lives and to businesses and help leadership teams, CEOs, presidents, etc. move from a place of success to a place of significance.

For non-profits, we find for-profit partners that can support their cause year after year and fund numerous projects to create a sustainable relationship. With all of our partners, we not only create plans for social innovation, but also implement them. RAISE Global Services is starting a movement in which non-profits, for-profits, foundations, government, the media, and citizens join together to achieve authentic social impact.

Carol McKown

Carol is a visionary whose goal is to change the world by inspiring business leaders to make positive social impact in their community an equal priority to profitability. She sees the need to bring groups of people together from business, government, non-profits, and citizens to strategically develop solutions to big world problems.

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Carol partners with companies to create strategies that add social innovation to the DNA of their business model to elevate their brands, increase profitability, and ensure social impact. Carol coordinates a unified effort to solve community and global problems. She believes that this act of strategic synergy (SOLUTIONISM) is the catalyst for the innovation we need in our world. Carol helps others leverage their Success and RAISE their Significance.

Carol believes purpose will enhance your life, give you great joy, and move you from a place of success to significance. Even though Carol has a head for business, she also has a heart for humanity. She is also the founder of Fallen Sparrow Foundation, which has provided services to Cambodian orphans for three years and is now expanding into the Dominican Republic. Carol has been the founder and CEO of several organizations, including Action Sports International, ASI Photos and Action International Marketing, where she formed successful, creative partnership and distribution programs with the Walt Disney Company, the Eastman Kodak Company, the Heisman Foundation and the College Football Hall of Fame as well as over 1000 International Event organizations. Overall, Carol is result-oriented solution creator with a strength in the following areas:

  • Solutionism
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Social Innovation
  • Non-profit/ For-profit Partnerships

Contact Information: – 404.692.5727 Ext. 101

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