Chief Solutions Officer

RAISE Global Partners will help you learn how to best intersect with the for-profit world by introducing you to a model that will allow you to ask corporations for an investment instead of a donation…

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We analyze your marketing and your value-added proposition, then help you develop the language to successfully approach for-profits in a way that would position your organization as a useful investment and generate more funds. We also develop language that will help corporations understand your mission.

RAISE will teach you how business leaders think so that you are prepared to enter into the for-profit world. We coordinate with you and help open discussions with corporations about what you are offering them.

With fruitful partnerships with for-profits, you can have more time to create better solutions to global problems. Instead of skipping around between corporate funders and dollar amounts, you can be part of a sustainable relationship with a much larger social impact. RAISE partnerships create an environment where all sectors can work together to solve problems more efficiently and on a greater scale.

Once we have aligned you with partners and have taken the position of your Chief Solutions Officer, we also assume the positions of:

  • Social Impact ROI Provider
  • Social Media and PR Manager
  • For-Profit Relationship Developer
  • Project Logistics Coordinator
  • Corporate Volunteer Connector
  • Global Trade Facilitator
  • Brand and Marketing Designer

Social Impact ROI Provider

Raise Global Partners will apply a return on investment (ROI) model to your non-profit so that you can give corporations assurance that you are a valuable investment…

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We will provide you with an impact analyses of your projects’ comprehensive impact on society, your community, and investors.

We highlight your unique services, the long-term social and economic benefits of your project, as well as specific geographic information about what communities you are serving. Having these measurements enables you to communicate to corporations how investment in a partnership with your Cause will directly benefit the purpose and mission of their corporation.

We work as an investment manager for corporations and foundations by managing all of their social impact projects physically and logistically. We give them a fiscal assessment of what was accomplished with the money they invested in Causes. We can communicate in concrete terms the value of an investment in your Cause to supporters and stakeholders.

When you partner with RAISE, we help you:

  • Develop a comprehensive plan for social innovation, including ROI metrics
  • Manage the implementation of your plan
  • Demonstrate the impact the investment makes for corporations, its customers, market share, and the metrics that are important to corporation or foundation partnerships

Social Media and PR Manager

Through our own social media network, RaiseLink, we link your Cause with brands that take a stand and the consumers who care…

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Once you create a Cause account, brands, consumers, and volunteers that support you can tell your story. RaiseLink also serves as a dashboard to feed your other pre-existing social media outlets. You can use RaiseLink to find corporate partners and volunteers, as well as promote your cause and easily disperse information.

In addition to RaiseLink, we also offer an integration of strategic media campaigns to align with your current PR initiatives focusing on the benefits, ROI, and partnerships of your Cause. RaiseLink is a transparent place that enables cause marketing by sharing the impact you are making by solving global problems. RaiseLink is about personal connection with supporters and also about accountability and commitment to brands.

For-Profit Relationship Developer

With RAISE partnerships, we meet with for-profit corporations and do a complete analysis of corporation DNA, including core values, competencies, products, and services…

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Then, we help identify non-profit organizations that are aligned with their interests.

Once we have chosen you as a non-profit, we facilitate a for-profit partnership that provides you with support and funding on a sustainable basis. The corporations we choose have resources that you need, while you have a social impact that they need to fulfill their Social Innovation plan.

Project Logistics Manager

We manage projects on your behalf and bring in an expert from the for-profit sector to help implement projects…

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By bringing in an expert from a specific industry (i.e. construction, water resources, housing, food management, etc.) we ensure that projects are being completed in the most efficient way for both you and your for-profit partners. With RAISE as a Project Logistics Manager, you and the for-profit are both held accountable for project performance and ROI.

Our core competencies as Project Logistics Manager include:

  • Expert project analysis
  • Program implementation
  • Business ecosystem management
  • For-profit management
  • ROI analysis and reporting

Corporate Volunteer Connector

Through our RaiseLink social media network, we ensure that your volunteer positions are always filled…

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Through RaiseLink, we give your corporate partners’ employees the chance to connect with other Solutionists that are interested in your cause.

Global Trade Facilitator

At RAISE Global Services, we facilitate relationships between countries, causes, and corporations for an exchange of commodities…

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We are the HUB of the wheel in the supply chain, brokering the exchange of commodities and using a portion of the proceeds for humanitarian needs. RAISE will:

Identify a particular country’s primary commodity.

Align the commodity with corporations in other countries that are already buying that commodity from another source.

Broker the exchange of the commodity with the new source.

Use a portion of the profits from the new commodity exchange for the humanitarian needs of the commodity supplying country.

For example:

If a country is rich in sugar but needs water, we find a corporation to buy the sugar and use a portion of the proceeds to provide the infrastructure for water to the commodity supplying country.

Brand Marketing Designer

RAISE Global Partners understands that for many non-profits, it is a struggle to receive funds that can be used towards marketing, brand management, etc. We want to help…

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This service is not required when you become partners with us, but it is a recommended way to elevate your brand without putting extra stress on your team. Once our Design Manager assesses your visual and content needs based on what will best visually represent your cause, she will decide how many hours will be needed and if other designers need to be contracted. Prices will vary based on need, production time, and number of designers. Our design and marketing specialities include:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Promotional & Marketing Materials
  • Campaigns (online & offline)

We also offer revisions to your current design materials, printing, paper, illustrations, and photography.